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  • Test Performance Inc., provides an automated solution to gather competitor insurance quotes from a preselected set of demographics.  This data is gathered from web sites using test automation tools to first input the selected demographics and then capture the resultant quotes and benefit details into a searchable data base.  This saved the marketing team many days of effort in gathering other company quotes through a manual method.  Now the company can gather larger samples from many more competitors in a fraction of the time.  This is also now done on a monthly basis as opposed to a quarterly basis when done manually.  This gives the insurance company an edge in knowing what the competitors are doing and how they are changing their rates based on the demographic used.


  • Test Performance Inc., provided an Insurance Company with a complete end to end Test Strategy to enable Data Warehouse testing.  The methodology was used to create and complete a fully auditable test pack with 80% of the testing achieved using test tool automation.  When the system was implemented the data warehouse contained more than 6 Terabytes of data.


  • Test Performance Inc., helps a company complete its testing effort for the acquisition of a new business.  This included testing the incoming data from the acquired business to ensure its integrity and completeness.  This helped in the transition of the new business into the core company systems and helped the acquisition team realize the potential of the new business in an orderly manner.

  •  Test Performance Inc., helps a major health insurance company complete its testing strategy using a mixture of the Microsoft Solutions Framework and the Rational Unified Process.  Test performance Inc., also recommended the automated tool set that had to fit into the methodology using a mixture of Legacy and .NET environments.

  • Test Performance Inc., completed testing a beta project for a new Medical Records and Billing system.  The system tracks patients from check-in to check-out with a full insurance and billing interface.  The system is based on web technology with a combined keyboard and a mouse interface,  enabling text based expert users to operate in a web environment without retraining.  Test performance Inc., is continuing to help with the testing of further phases of this project.


  • Test Performance Inc., has just recently successfully tested and helped to launch, a new web site for a nationwide Jewelry Retailer.  This was achieved on time and within budget.  One comment from our client was that "Test Performance provided professional testing of our web site that made the launch easier to complete with a minimum of issues at launch.  We were able to launch and provide an uninterrupted e-commerce application from day one.  This is very important for our image and our customers".