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Test Strategy

We provide complete packages of, customizable, testing documentation that give your IT Department an instant process to follow.

Load & Stress Testing

Load and Stress testing is intended to find errors due to low resources or competition for resources.

Performance Testing

Performance testing measures response times, transaction rates, and other time sensitive requirements.

Functionality/Regression Testing

Functionality and Regression Testing are two phases of a project that can complement each other by the re-use of the original functionality testing scripts for later phases or regression testing. This is often accomplished by the use of testing tools.

E-Commerce Testing

Our consultants are versed in the latest techniques and tools available to enable them to perform fast accurate testing of any E-Commerce application.

Security Testing

Network security testing should be an integral part of any security policy. If you spend the time to prepare your enterprise against attacks, you need to implement the appropriate checks and balances to maintain it.
The only safe computer is a dead computer

Configuration Testing

With the cost of implementing and maintaining systems increasing, it is even more important to ensure that your new system is ‘fit for purpose’ and of the ‘correct sizing’ to meet your current and future needs. 

Business Acquisition Testing

The major activity when acquiring new business is due diligence.  art of this task is to ensure that systems are compatible or that systems data can be integrated into your current business.  What would be the cost if you could not adequately handle all the new business with your current systems?