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 Functionality Testing





Functionality and Regression Testing are two phases of a project that can complement each other by the re-use of the original functionality testing scripts for later phases or regression testing.

Today’s advanced software development tools allow software vendors to produce maintenance and upgrade releases faster than ever before. However, installing a new release of software into one layer of the system, exposes the entire system to new problems.

In many cases, Senior Managers are reluctant to upgrade system components such as databases once it is considered to be stable. So to provide ‘piece of mind’ that the new upgrade has not caused complications elsewhere in the system, allow Test Performance Inc. to apply Regression Testing to your system.

Test Performance Inc. Functionality and Regression Testing service allows our clients to add value to their systems without the threat of damaging the live application. By utilizing the test scripts created when the system was first installed, Test Performance Inc. can quickly evaluate the customers needs. If test scripts are not available Test Performance Inc. can produce at new set suitable for the customers system.

By running these established tests through the system they can be captured and recorded for use against the new configuration. As a subset of Regression Testing, Test Performance Inc. can provide Upgrade Tests designed to compare application output and performance before and after an upgrade, and alert application developers to any bugs that may have been introduced.

Additionally Test Performance Inc. can provide production system testing for complete quality assurance. Production testing ensures that the performance and/or functionality have not changed over time. Regression Testing checks for known changes to the system, whilst Production Testing ensures no changes have taken place. For example, a ‘mission critical’ application may need to be tested for peak efficiency every morning; by utilizing an automated test, full confidence can be confirmed before the start of business.